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USA Today
”These days, a killer program called DVD X Copy, from Chesterfield, Mo., startup 321 Studios, challenges my ethics. Used with a burner on your Windows computer, the controversial $100 program allows you to make a flawless "backup" copy of a commercial DVD, including menus, trailers and special features, whether you own that disc or merely rent it”. Read article, click here: DVD Copy

PC World:
“DVD X Copy Platinum is the first movie backup software that can satisfy even the most critical fan. With DVD X Copy Platinum YOU are in TOTAL CONTROL of your movie backup”. Read article, click here: DVD X Copy Platinum

PC Magazine
”The Motion Picture Association of America is currently fighting to ban DVD copying, fearing widespread piracy as DVD burners become more commonplace, but 321 Studios keeps its package aimed at legitimate use”. Read article, click here: DVD Copy Software

PC Magazine
”321 Studios immediately announced that it would appeal the decision, requesting a stay that would allow it to continue selling DVD X Copy during the appeal process. The company claims that the DVD X Copy buyers use the software to make private backup copies of DVDs and feels that the law should protect such use”. Read article, click here: DVD Burning

PC Magazine
”321 Studios introduces DVD X Copy XPress, software that lets users back up most DVDs in less than an hour. It boasts an interface that requires only two clicks from start to finish. DVD X Copy can also compress a DVD-9 to a DVD-5, fitting each backup copy on to one single DVD-R or DVD-R/W disc”. Read more, click here: DVD Copy

PC Magazine
”Most recordable-DVD drives come with programs that can copy data DVDs, but commercial entertainment DVDs are usually protected by Content Scrambling System (CSS) encryption. CSS prevents direct copying by programs that don't have CSS decryption capabilities, and several courts have ruled that DVD-copying software with CSS decryption is illegal under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)”.  Read article, click here: DVD Software

”After eight months of deliberation, a San Francisco federal judge has ruled that software company 321 Studios' popular DVD-copying [DVD X Copy] products are illegal”. Read article, click here: DVD Burning Software
PC Magazine
”As of this week, DVD X Copy, a 321 Studios application recently reviewed by PC Magazine, is readily available from the 321 Web site and many popular retailers, including CompUSA and Fry's. But if seven of the leading movie studios have their way, this won't last long”. Read article, click here: DVD Copying

Emedia Live
”321 Studios has announced the release of DVD X Copy, an complete software package that allows users to back-up their DVD collections to DVD-Rs and DVD-RWs without losing any quality from the original DVD. DVD X Copy software insures one's DVD movie collection against scratching, heat damage and other problems destined to reduce favorite movies to unplayable pieces of plastic”.  Read article, click here: DVD Copying Software

Electronic Frontier Foundation
”It's too late to save DVD X-Copy, but you can use EFF's Action Center to tell Congress that you support the Digital Media Consumers' Rights Act (DMCRA; HR 107) -- a bill that would amend the DMCA to restore your ability to circumvent copy protection to make legal, personal uses of your DVDs”.  Read article, click here: DVD Ripping

The Register
321 Studios announced its plan to strip the DeCSS-derived code out of its applications last week after US District Court judge Susan Illston ruled that the programs violated the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The DeCSS code was used to decrypt the files held on a DVD in order to copy them to the user's hard drive before burning them onto a DVD-R”.  Read article, click here: DVD Ripping Software

The Register
”DVD duplication software maker 321 Studios has been given seven days to stop selling its controversial DVD X Copy family of utilities, a US federal judge has ruled”.  Read article, click here: DVD Burning Software
Graphics Unleashed
”Sensing a need for software to make this possible, 321 Studios has created DVD X Copy Gold. Actually two software titles in one, DVD X Copy and DVD X Copy Express, both of these applications make short work of transferring your personal collection of commercially available DVD titles for safe keeping in the event of the unforeseen”.  Read article, click here: Copy DVD Movies

Look Smart / Find Articles
”On April 25, in US District Court for the Northern District of California, Judge Susan Illston will hear a motion from the seven studios claiming that 321 Studios two products (DVD Copy Plus and DVD X Copy) are illegal under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and should be removed from the market”.  Read article, click here: Copy DVDs

The St. Charles, Missouri, company made DVD-X-Copy and DVD Copy Plus -- programs that allowed users to make backup copies of their commercial DVDs. Hollywood studios filed several lawsuits to force the company to stop selling its products, saying the company was helping pirates. The Missouri company had denied any wrongdoing, claiming DVD purchasers had the right to make copies for personal use”.  Read article, click here: DVD Backup Software

Emedia Live
321 Studios is kicking off Fight for Fair Use week, a week-long campaign to encourage consumers to fight back against the "fair use paradox" that they say has stripped away Americans' fair use rights in "the digital future." Northern District Court of California Judge Susan Illston created this so-called paradox on February 20, 2004, when she sided with a group of Hollywood movie studios and ruled that 321 Studios violated the Digital Millennium Copyright Act by including a DVD movie encryption descrambler--called a ripper--in its award-winning DVDXCOPY backup software”. Read article, click here: DVD X Copy

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